WI need to improve ground equipment

WI need improve ground equipment
That Test cricket is struggling is accepted by just about everybody.The young followers of today are more into T20 which provides not only a result after three hours but also loads of action and thrills in that time than in the longer format of Test cricket where after playing for five days there can be a draw and no result.West Indies need to do something about is the ground equipment. It is hard to understand why there was no super sopper at the Queens Park Oval and why there were only covers for the square and not the whole ground. This has meant that despite the bright burning sun there has been no play for 3 days.

The rains have come in the afternoon but if there were covers all over the ground and the supersopper available then the game could have been played for some time before lunch at least. Sure there were not many spectators around but it was not fair on the TV rights holders who have lost money because the administrators couldn’t care less. Not a cent goes out of the administrators pockets as the game gets abandoned but other stakeholders suffer.

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