Virat Kohli- Not a Dummy God

Virat Kohli- Not a Dummy God

The bowler is running in and bowling it at 145 kmph. He tries to play through the line, he     misses. The bowler gives him a stare and some pleasant words…

On the next ball he plants his foot forward, leans into the drive and the ball races away to the fence. He walks toward the bowler and returns the favor with a stare and some real pleasant words.

He flicks the ball on his pads with disdain.

He pulls the ball on the front foot with utmost brutality. His batting personifies swagger.

His personality oozes confidence.

He swears a lot, gets angry and animated.

When he gets out he reacts like he was playing the last inning of his life and the reaction remains same whether he gets out for 0 or for 100. He stares at the opposition and some time at his own teammates.

He argues with the umpires. He is not so friendly with the media. He doesn’t hold back. He wears his heart on his sleeves, has got the swagger to intimidate the other teams and panache to make the girls go crazy after him.

He is always ready to take on the opposition.

And he aspires to become the best in the business.

But amidst all that…..He score Runs… every time from Cape town to Colombo,

From Adelaide to Auckland

Yes.. He is Virat kohli.

His success don’t surprise you, his failure does. From the times when India was just a minnow, till today when India is a cricketing powerhouse, one thing remained common.

India always produced world class batsman. From Hazare to Manjrekar, from Tiger pataudi to Sunil Gavaskar, from Sachin to Dravid and many more. India is a factory which manufactures batsman with subtle wrists and enviable batting style. They are not strongly built like the Aussies, nor they have the power of the Caribbean player’s, but they play in a way which makes this game bloody beautiful.  And the trend has continued to the new generation, and the flag bearer is……Yes…Virat Kohli

Kohli is scoring centuries like it is just a walk in the park. He chases targets for fun,

He scores 4 IPL centuries in a single season, he scores 4 double centuries in a season.

But is it enough to earn people’s respect? In any other cricketing country the answer would have been resounding “Yes”.

But India there are parameters, criteria to earn respect. Let’s go through them and see how many boxes Virat tick.

First and most important thing

1) You need to have amazing stats if you are a batsman, Virat averages 50+ in all the three format’s. The only batsman to do so.

So here Virat ticks the box.

2) Next criteria is you can’t have an open affair with anybody, (not with Bollywood Beauty, at any cost)

3) You have to be polite with the journalist even if they tear you apart on your very personal issues like your girlfriend.

4) You can’t sledge a lot and can’t swear because this is not our culture.

5) You have to be humble no matter what.

6) You have to speak good about the former player’s in the media even if they are targeting you unnecessarily.

7) You can’t have differences with your coach.

8) And the last one, you have to convince the 1.25 billion people that you love this game, not by scoring runs but by giving them the feeling that you are humble.

Apart from the first one, Virat doesn’t fulfil the remaining 7 criteria’s. And that’s the reason why many people hate him.  And the recent controversy with Anil Kumble made him the villain. But do we think Virat cares about that. No… He never did.

Call him brash and arrogant still he will score big in the next series. Call him stylish, talented and keep pondering on his cover drive still he will score big in the next series. And that’s what separates Virat from others. He never ever gives damn about his criticism and compliments are just words for him, by product of his stellar batting record.

But Virat’s journey is fascinating.

He broke through the ranks as a typical delhite. Always flirting around the hypothetical line of flamboyance and arrogance. The child prodigy blossomed under the guidance of his coach. And steadily he rose through the Delhi Cricket circle. Unlike today, Delhi Cricket was in good state then. Sehawag was an established star and Gambhir was a regular player in Indian team. Ishant, Dhawan and Virat and many more Delhi players were knocking the doors of Indian team. That was a brief period of Delhi Cricket where they were in news for the right reasons.  What Mumbai did for over 40 years, Delhi is doing for that brief period that is producing quality players.

And then Virat arrived on the cricket scenes. India won the under 19 world cup under his captaincy in Kuala Lumpur and since then, he never looked back.

His white ball batting has gone to another level as he continues to score hundreds at almost will.

He chases impossible targets. According to many he is the best limited overs batsman of this decade. His average of 50+ supporters thought Virat became 90’s Tendulkar.

His test career though, was slow to take off, but when he was entrusted with the captaincy of the test team after MS hung his boots his test stats shoot up and he made it to the elite club of 50+ average in test.


But Virat is not just about stats. There is other side of Virat too. He gifted his own bat to Pakistan cricketer Mohammed Amir.

His friendship with ABD is enviable.

He gave his jersey signed by Indian team to Shahid Afridi when he retired from Cricket.

People call him arrogant in victories but he is gracious in defeats.

After the dream run Indian team had in 2016-2017, the real test of Virat begins when the tour of South Africa will commence. He will look to set the record straight in England conditions where he had a dreadful last tour. India is unbeatable at home, but away wins will put kohli on top.

For year’s India and world looked at Australian cricket in awe. Australia played aggressive cricket, brutal cricket, they used to get under the skin of the opposition. And those dominating Aussies like Warne, Steve Waugh, Macgrath, Clarke hails Virat Kohli a lot. Listening to their views about Virat, one line will be common between all of them.  “Virat is more an Australian than Indian.” The way he approaches the game is so similar to the Aussies.

He is 28 right now and he already boost staggering stats. But apart from the stats what Virat brings to the table is aggression and raw emotions. Something India lacked after the captaincy period of Ganguly.

And just to conclude the question which we started…

Why do people hate Virat???

It’s a habit, we have become accustomed to watch players like Sunil Gavaskar, G.Vishawanth, Dilip vengsakar, Kapil dev and our very own Tendulkar.

For year’s we saw great player’s scoring runs on the field and being diplomatic over so many controversies off the field. Sometimes some of the greats kept their mouth shut on many important issues such as politics in cricket and match fixing which could have been treated judiciously if they were not lip-locked.

Its completely fine for the dummy god’s to stay diplomatic and avoid having stands on the controversial issues. We gave Sachin benefit of doubt when his autobiography didn’t even mentioned the issue of match fixing which happened under his captaincy.

We gave so many greats the benefit of doubt when they surprisingly kept their mouths shut when Manoj Prabhakar exposed so many Indian cricketers in a sting operation.

So in a country where speaking your mind, not being diplomatic, being in news constantly, having an affair with Bollywood actress, giving it back to the opposition, all this considered as taboo. Makes Virat a Rebel.

You can love him. You can hate him. But you can’t ignore him

Virat may not be your so called “God,”

But thankfully he is not a “Dummy God.”


Writer :- Deu Gaichor

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