From Twenty 20 to 2040: A peep into Cricket’s Future

From Twenty 20 to 2040: A peep into Cricket’s Future

Have you ever thought about what cricket will be like in the next 20-25 years? Well, I have.  We may not accurately predict what changes will be enforced or adopted over time. However, given the current trends, we can attempt to extrapolate with some degree of certainty. Put on your cricketing binoculars and start looking in the direction of the year 2040. What are you seeing?

T20 Centric

Let us get T20 centric! We should experience the death of Test cricket by then and ODI cricket should be on ‘life support’. This may question the profitability of T20 in terms of the amount of money cricketers will earn in the future. I am pretty sure there will be more T20 freelancers as younger players will be further encouraged to ply their trade given the fame and money that comes with playing T20. Cricket will be T20 electric!

Officiators missing from the field of play 

There will come a time when umpires will be completely removed from the field of play. Some umpires have started to wear helmet while officiating, unheard of, right? Shots are being fired from all angles and believe it or not, they find themselves in the firing line. The square leg umpire is not safe either. With T20 cricket expecting to gain more popularity, the situation will become more precarious for umpires. Umpires will prefer to be third rather than first in the scheme of things. They will want to go upstairs, literally. Third umpire duties, please!

Batsmen batting with tree trunks

The size of bats is a talking point wherever you. As such, recent developments have seen an effort on the part of the ICC to regulate bat sizes. T20 cricket is here to stay so one has a gut feeling that those regulations will be relaxed, in keeping with growing trends. Have you ever seen Chris Gayle’s bat? Or even David Warner’s? We should be happy that we have electronic scoreboards, not paper-based ones. With these guys, no paper will be around because they are wielding tree trunks in the middle.

Record-breaking Kohli

Virat Kohli will surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s record for the most international centuries. Talented, insatiable, confident and unstoppable. I ran out of superlatives to describe Kohli. This guy is on a mission to break every single batting record worth holding. He has now made T20 cricket his own and the runs are coming at the rate of knots. Bowlers are clueless and so are opposing captains. Kohli’s red-hot form will not get ‘cold’ any time soon.

Will Kraigg Brathwaite become only a Test heavyweight?

The answer is simple, Kraigg is a fine player and there should not be any doubt in anyone’s mind as it relates to which format of the game he prefers. This is even more remarkable given that we are living in an era where there is a proliferation of T20 leagues. Put Kraigg to the test in Test!


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