Top 7 Cricketers Who Banned After Match Fixing Scandals

Cricketers & Match Fixing Scandals

Distrust, Illegal Cash, Deceitfulness, Fixing, Scandals and Corruption are the words that surely hurt the true cricket fans whenever they got to hear about such shameful acts of some villainous players having low respect for themselves. Cricket, a game of professionals still has holes somewhere under because of which such circumstances are coming into the light from time to time. Here, we have reported some most shocking match fixing scandals and players involved in this in the world of cricket.


1. Manoj Prabhakar

Indian Match-fixing Investigations (1997) summarizes the events surrounding the allegations laid by Manoj Prabhakar of match fixing against the prominent players of Indian team in a magazine. After that BCCI instituted a commission to examine the charges. Prabhakar made the public allegations against the match vs Pakistan in 1991 and against Sri Lanka in 1994 (Singer Cup). But after all the rounds of hearing, the judge concluded that Manoj’s allegation was a result of his getting back at Mohammad Azharuddin.

Judge accepts that large amount of money is at stake on cricket in India but it is almost impossible for the team to identify the player specifically who bets in cricket. After all these, there was criticism in the Indian media that the commission did not examine all facts available to it. In 2000, his allegations were backfired as he was found guilty himself and handed a 5 years ban.

2. Mohammed Azharuddin

It is one of the most talked scandal in Indian Cricket, Azhar was found guilty after CBI investigations, Azharuddin reportedly confessed that he had fixed three one-day matches; the first against South Africa at Rajkot in 1996, then Pepsi Cup matches in Sri Lanka in 1997 and Pakistan in 1999. While the matches under question included the ODI series of South Africa’s tour to India in March 2000 which the hosts went on to win 3-2. But he was subsequently quoted in an interview denying that he was involved in any such activity. Alleged in 2000 for associating with bookmakers and for allegedly providing information to bookies and introducing Hansie Cronje to betting. Later, he was banned from playing Cricket for life. On 8 November 2012, the life ban was overturned as the case was deemed unsustainable. Salim Malik(Pak), Ajay Jadeja (India) are some few others who were banned for wrong doings.


3. Hansie Cronje

When Hansie Cronje admitted he had accepted money from bookies to throw matches, whole world got shocked as it was the first time in the history of cricket that any team’s Captain was involved directly and admitted the charges. He also made statement that it was Azhar who introduce him to the bookies while Azhar denied it. After much investigation, he was found guilty of accepting monetary rewards from bookmakers for forecasting matches and was given a Life Ban. He died in a plane crash in 2002.


4. Marlon Samuels

In 2008, West Indies all-rounder Samuels has been charged with misconduct after an internal investigation by the WICB into bribery and match-fixing allegations against him. WICB found sufficient evidences against him for allegedly passing team information to an Indian bookie Mukesh Kochar during One-Day International against India in Nagpur on January 21, 2007. Later, he was handed a 2 year ban. He returned also after the ban and helps West Indies to win the T-20 World Cup.

5. S.Sreesanth

Whole India got shocked when he was arrested for the charges of fixing in the midst of the tournament. He gave 14 runs in an over as planned in an IPL match for Rajasthan Royals against Kings XI Punjab on 9 May 2013. He was arrested on 16 May 2013 for accepting money from bookies to underperform, but was released on bail a month later. BCCI awarded him the life ban that barred him of playing in any form of cricket anywhere in the world {Acquitted from spot fixing in July 2015}.

6. Saman Butt,Mohammad Amir,Mohammad Asif (Pakistani trio)

Allegations of fixing – including the new phenomenon of spot-fixing – have cropped up sporadically, and it has been acknowledged that bookmakers and the underworld have been active in trying to influence cricket results and specific moments in play. In 2010, scandal reared its head again when three leading Pakistan players were questioned by Scotland Yard and suspended by the ICC over spot-fixing charges.Salman Butt was given 10 years of ban with 5 years of suspension with this he was also sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison by Southwark Crown Court, England (as he was the captain and lead youngsters into the trap).Mohammad Asif(banned for 7 years) and Mohammad Amir(banned for 5 years)both were charge of bowling planned no-balls against England in August 2010 and was given 12 months and 6 months jail respectively by the same court for conspiracy to cheat at gambling and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments.


7. Pakistan Super League Fixing Scandal

In February 2017 when the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) suspended cricketers under its anti-corruption code in an ongoing investigation backed by ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit on spot-fixing during the 2017 Pakistan Super League(PSL). The six cricketers suspended by the PCB are: Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif, Nasir Jamshed , Mohammad Irfan, Shahzaib HASAN and Mohammad Nawaz. PSL Chairman has said that they had Sharjeel and Latif but wanted to see till the end of the match to see whether the two would fulfill their commitments to the bookmakers. Out of all players only Mohammad Nawaz is handed 2 months ban in may till now while the investigation is in process for all others with all of them are restricted to play in any form of cricket.


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