Mahi – The Told Story | MS Dhoni Unspoken Words

Mahi – The Told Story | MS Dhoni Unspoken Words

Scintillating Captain a World Cup Champion – The man who redefined inspired generation of Indian Cricketers we led to call him a Captain Cool Mahendra Singh DHONI – Mahi Way.

And for the First time in a life that he’s in a set up like this and answering all the questions about his love life & Army joining about his hair cuts and none another than passion of Bikes.


Question 1) How was your child hood are you a naughty guy or a studious one?



Question 2) Mahendra Singh DHONI Apart from cricket What sought of person you are and John Abrahim tell us about how naughty actually Mahendra Singh DHONI is ??


Question 3) Can Mahendra Singh DHONI apart from good batting and captaincy can he sings well?

waow, what a reply and Mahendra Singh DHONI sings “mai pal do pal ka shayar hoon,pal do pal meri kahani hai”


Question 4) How many Total number of bikes does Mahendra Singh DHONI have and which one is his Favrouite one??


Question 5) How did Mahendra Singh DHONI proposes to his wife Sakshi and a reason why Mahendra Singh DHONI having a short hair cut after world cup 2007??


That’s all the questions and answers from none another than himself Mahendra Singh DHONI.


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