Cricket Betting & Cricket Odds

Cricket Betting & Cricket Odds


Cricket, now a day’s one of the most popular sports which attract everyone from adults to young ones and specially to betting world people. there are  other  games which also involve in betting are football, badminton, basketball and baseball, rugby, tennis.

Cricket is one of the most popular game that have been gained great betting interests from bookies to local man to huge bookmakers website because of structure of this sport and now a days due to Twenty 20cricket cricket betting has got great boom.

Right from starting if you bet on cricket game you need to know all the rules, information of team and information of the venue because that will only increase your chances of winning.

Cricket betting offers most number of bets in live game starting from coin toss to elect for bowling or batting and then there are number of bets offered only in live events like number of run scored by batsmen, number of run scored by whole team by batting first and number of run scored in particular over to a particular sets of over’s.

So just because of simplicity and dynamic nature of cricket makes cricket betting lots more interesting than other games.

If you want to start with Cricket betting then there are lots of option for everyone from local bookies to online sports betting websites but before that you need to understand the cricket odds or types of odds

There are three types of Betting odds which are

  1. Fractional Odds also called as English or UK Odds,
  2. Decimal Odds also called as European Odds
  3. and last is Money line called which is also known as American Odds.

There are many websites giving free tips for betting and even offered to enable you to participate in the any cricket betting event. You can find detailed information about cricket betting for instance Bilateral  Series, Cricket World cups, ICC Champions Trophy and  Indian Premier League betting Tips from many online sources. There are many websites offering such useful information in cricket betting and this helps you to more explore your cricket betting tips constructively.

Note :- i would like to inform you that betting is not a good habit and please don’t make it your addiction. Betting is highly injurious to health and heart patients are advised not to bet. Betting is full of risk and you should bet responsibly. And always remember you can eat your betting money but never bet with your eating money.



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